Striptease in Amsterdam

Our luxurious Amsterdam strippers with perfect bodies will offer you performances, that will overcome your expectations.

Choose from wide spectrum of their costumes and performances, autoerotic and dildo show, lesbi show or hard lesbi show.

We have fair prices including transport covering whole Nederlands

Striptease is an erotic dance wherein the amsterdam escorts or call girls remove their clothes slowly to the rhythm of an erotic number until having completely stripped off their clothes. The most important part is not the nudity itself, but rather the act of seducing and arousing the client during the sexy dance in which complicity and eroticism envelop the room.

This kind of dance has many other variants such as the lap-dance in which the amsterdam escort gets on top of the client dancing in a provocative and arousing manner. There are many cabarets where the client can look at the ladies dancing on a burlesque pole or doing a striptease.

The dance on a burlesque pole is known as pole dance. Certain amount of strength is required to move vertically across the bar with the help of arms, legs and feet in this dance. Instead of crowding into a busy strip club, you can have a gorgeous girl visit you in person. She will knock at your hotel room door, wearing some sexy lingerie. The two of you can explore some of the city together, and then invite her back to your Amsterdam hotel room where she can do what she does best.
There are so many options for you to explore and when you call us, we can talk to you in detail about them. You may want to simply have a strip tease, invite friends over for a bachelor party, or have the option for more than just a striptease.
Think about what goes on at a strip club. You are elbow to elbow with a bunch of other men who have the same idea about the evening as you do. If you are not close to the stage, you are not getting the best show. Cocktail waitresses are constantly trying to get you to buy drinks, and you can end up spending a small fortune – all without obtaining any kind of satisfaction.
At Dam Square Babes Amsterdam Escorts, we offer striptease Amsterdam escorts at very affordable rates. You also get to choose the girl that is going to spend time with you. She can be a sexy brunette, a foxy blonde, and have the exquisite features that you find to be the most enticing. This is far better than hoping for a sexy girl at the strip club.

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