Nuru Massage

Nuru Massage is the latest craze sweeping in Amsterdam.

Also known as Body slide massage Nuru has become the massage of choice in the Amsterdam.

For those seeking new found levels of sensual stimulation there is nothing quite like it.

Nuru Massage, also called "Sensual Body Slide" is a massage performed with a special kind of massage gel called Nuru Gel. The word "nuru" comes from the Japanese language and it means "slippery", but we tend to believe it was also originated from the name of the Seaweed used in it, called Nori. The nuru gel is warm and comfortable when applied on your skin.

The massage begins with the masseuse warming the Nuru gel. While the gel warms up you are offered assisted soapy massage in shower. After soapy massage you and your beautiful masseuse move to the bed covered with special PU sheet. When you comfortable a perfect nuru body slide begins. The gel is odourless and tasteless, will create an amazing slippery sensation that heightens the enjoyment. The masseuse proceeds by sliding her entire naked body across your body giving you sensual and relaxing fulfilment. The sensation of smooth skin on skin sliding is indescribably intimate, and completely erotic. Nuru massage has detoxifying and cleansing properties and will leave you feeling incredible from head to toe.

Sometimes this massage form may end in a form of sexual activity which most of our sexy masseuses are happy to offer.

If you want to experience this sensual erotic experience why not try a real Nuru massagewith one of our sexy masseuse?

Nuru massage s available for both genders and couples.

The Joys of a NURU Massage

Oh, what to get what to get. It's like you are a kid in a candy store. A sensual, oh so sensual, candy store. Trying to select the right body to body massage in Amsterdam can be tricky. You could always just book every single one. That's the only real way to actually determine which is best for you and which is going to deliver on the goods. Of course, that probably isn't an option. Unless you just never leave. But, if you are one of those people, you know, with a job, you'll need to pick one off the list and go with that. NURU is an excellent massage choice to go with, offered by some of the most beautiful women in the city. What exactly is a NURU massage you ask? Well, it all dates back to an ancient Japanese tradition (as in at least a few years old). 


All the Best Stuff

Maybe Marty McFly said it best. "What do you mean, Doc? All the best stuff is made in Japan." While he probably wasn't referring to a naked massage, he was spot on with his analogy. Some of the best stuff ever is from the nation of Japan, including a NURU massage. 

But alright, so NURU is from Japan. If you've ever watched travel programming, you know there are some amazing things offered in Japan, and some really, really odd, or, um, different things offered. The NURU massage comes from a Japanese word meaning slippery or smooth. Pair that with the notion of Amsterdam body rubs, you probably have a good idea where this is going. 


What is a NURU Massage?

A NURU massage means slippery or smooth because of its liberal usage of a water based lubricant. During the massage, both you and the beauty you hired from our escort services in Amsterdam strip down, naked. Now, she pours this lubricant over both of your bodies so you're completely coated in it. This creates no friction at all. She then uses her body, her body weight and the warmth of her body to work on yours. The lubricant is not just any lube, but one that maximizes body heat. Her body heat, pressed against your body, will help soften up your muscles. From here, she can use her body weight to really work out the soreness you may have been feeling. 


Amazing Body to Body Massage Amsterdam Experience

Now, this is not designed to be one of those painful massages. If you've actually had a Thai massage, and we mean a real, authentic Thai massage, you probably walked out of the parlor in more pain than when you walked in, because working those pressure points can be pretty terrifying (especially when given by a 60-year-old Thai women who treats your body like a piece of dough). This is not a painful massage at all. It is all about pleasure and satisfaction. 

Most other massages are, for the most part, dry on dry. Some oil might be used locally to work on your body, but this lotion is absorbed into the skin rather quickly. The NURU massage in Amsterdam is as slippery as you're going to find it. So, if you've ever wanted to book the hottest girls from Amsterdam escort agencies and treat them as Slip n' Slides, well this is an option for you. 


A Truly Intimate Experience

Whether you go with a massage parlour Amsterdam has around town or book one of our NURU massage in Amsterdam, this is as intimate as a they come. This is because your bodies, your entire bodies, will be in contact with one another nearly the entire time. Her ass will work your thighs. Her tits will work your neck. Her feet will work your back. It is all excessive touching all the time. Plus, to be perfectly honest, beyond just being an incredibly satisfying, seductive and erotic massage, it's pretty damn fun as well. Many of the other body rubs Amsterdam escorts give you share similar qualities. The NURU Amsterdam massage is different. Far different. It simply is unlike anything else you have experienced before. 

So, if you want that truly unique body rub Amsterdam can give you, well it is time that you book the NURU massage Amsterdam service from us. We have a handful of the best-looking girls in the city, each one who is waiting and willing to provide you with this offering. From a naughty blonde to a sexy Asian, any kind of girl you want will be here to lube both of you up and deliver a massage that, simply put, is unlike anything else out there. 

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