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Our massage service is a unique approach to tantric massage in Amsterdam. Our masseuses are also very well trained and qualified to perform all the massages we have on offer and therefore you really are in safe hands for real tantra therapy.

Our policies and rules are strict which looks after our clients. We have a very discreet kind of set-up which respects our clients privacy. Our activities are thoroughly professional too; hence no sexual intercourse is included in any of our engagements.  We have outcall arrangements available. 

Tantra is all about achieving unity, connection with the universe, about expansion of your vision and your visualization of the reality. Our masseuses use tantric techniques, which include breathing and relaxing exercises. This helps you to connect with the universe and your inner self.

It involves your whole body in achieving emotional stability and spiritual harmony. When all this comes under one roof, you’ll really get a divine feeling and an extraordinary eternal peace. Tantra helps in balancing your energies to the right places and helps you achieve total freedom from all emotional stress and tensions. It helps you in achieving absolute harmony and to be in total bliss with nature, your inner-self and your surroundings. You’ll find positivity and tranquility all around. Life seems good and balanced. It seems like you can balance it and achieve success.

Amsterdam Massage helps in calming and relaxing the mind. It also helps in enhancing your sexual activity or in some people it also creates interest in sexual activities. Basically it works on three aspects: the mind, body and sexual organs and interest. Wouldn’t you like to have sex with your partner like in your youth? I’m sure you would like, who wouldn’t want this miracle to happen in their lives, surely they would? So gear up and get into the driver’s seat and get yourself a Amsterdam nuru massage today!

Your entire body is pampered and caressed during body to body massage by our extraordinary Amsterdam masseuses, who will help you to relax initially, if you are uncomfortable with the whole process or if it’s the first time you are getting it done. She’s experienced and knows to handle each client differently and is very approachable should you not feel comfortable with something or maybe you are experiencing pain etc. If you so wish, you can even have a good chat with her, prior to the actual massage or before choosing the goddess of your choice in order to get the most from the therapy with us. Our sole aim is only one that you should be comfortable with the entire massage exercise.

Erotic techniques has known to work wonders on people; like they have reported to have started getting better sleep, relief from aches and pains and of course increased sexual activity after a session of Amsterdam nuru massage that they want to keep coming back for more. They are even able to please their partners better and all these techniques are taught to you during the session itself by our massage goddesses. And beware! They’ll never reveal to anyone what unfolds between you and her, not even to us. We are just agents to make you and her meet; we never ask our tantric goddesses any questions regarding their engagement, once it’s over, you can trust us on that.

We also have massage services for men, women and couples available. Just give us a call and you can discuss whatever you want with our receptionists. You needn’t feel embarrassed or ashamed to ask anything you want regarding the session or the masseuse or whatever you need as your will find our tantric massage Amsterdam masseuses friendly and patient. They are as broad-minded as our masseuses and they’ll never find anything wrong with any of your questions.

The Release of tension - It is something that effects most people with the day to day life stresses. The exotic and erotic touch of our smoking hot masseuses will bring about an instant relief of tension in both body and mind!

Depression, Anxiety and Fatigue Issues - Relaxation is a key element of massage therapy and it is also a rejuvenating experience through stimulating lmyph and blood circulation to all areas of the body, including the brain helping to release feel good natural chemicals that the body produces and thus lifting mood, and giving more energy helping to break negative cycles that we are susceptible to!

Get the Libido Back - Whether its the ageing process, stress related or perhaps just a general lack of interest a good old fashioned erotic massage with us works wonders for getting that libido going again!

Through nude massage therapy we break down barriers of shyness and apprehensiveness which might exist which is both liberating and helps improve sexual confidence with those that become accustomed to this form of naked erotic therapy!

Making a Amsterdam Massage Appointment with us

Whichever type of massage it is you require we basically cover the whole spectrum with erotic massage, sensual massage, lingam massage, prostate massage, four hands massage, outcall massage and many many more! Just speak to our tantric massage team for more detailed information and even if you are looking for a bespoke massage service then this is something that we can accommodate too!

An Erotic Massage is designed for pleasure, both physically and mentally. While Sensual Massages focus on heightening arousal and stimulating the senses, an Erotic Massage takes it one step further. Your hand picked masseuse will use various techniques and skills to massages and stimulate your erogenous zone, pushing your arousal levels to the edge time and time again. Is this your first erotic massage? If so, we definitely recommend you book in for an Erotic Massage with one of our gorgeous masseuses. The gentle yet sexy nature of this style allows clients who may be slightly nervous to ease themselves into a world of unimaginable pleasure.

As well as promising physical pleasure, the Erotic Massage can be a very sensual and moving experience for many clients. If you’re looking for an ego boost or just want to feel the warmth of a beautiful woman’s body, this style of massage teaches you to appreciate your body and also shows you how to reconnect the body and soul. At Amsterdam massage, we pride ourselves on making every individuals experience life changing, and we do this by understanding what each client needs. Want to feel the orgasm or a lifetime, but also want to clear your head? That is exactly what we are here to do. Sex is easy to come by, but an experience like this is once in a lifetime. So what are you waiting for?

At Babes Amsterdam Massage hygiene is very important to us, so we ask our clients to shower thoroughly at least 30 minutes before a session is due to start. This will relax your muscles in preparation for the massage ahead, but will also give you the chance to unwind.  Once on the massage table, your masseuse will cover your intimate areas with a towel for some initial discretion. At the heart of every single massage is relaxation, so we start every session with a full body massage to iron out any knots or tensions. Once you reach a euphoric-like state, your masseuse will ask you to lie on your back where she will proceed to move the towel.

As well as touching and caressing every inch of your body, your expert masseuse will use various techniques to stimulate your intimate areas. Her gentle touch and sensuality will send your mind into over drive, and your whole body will begin to tremor and shake. Although the point of the massage is not to reach orgasm, your masseuse will drive you to the edge time and time again to prolong your pleasure.  If you reach the point of no return, you will experience the most intense and satisfying orgasm of your life. 

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