Abcoude, hidden under the Amsterdam skyline, is almost 1000 years old. In 1085 Koenraad, bisshop of Utrecht, first wrote about habitatores de Abecenwalde. It was located on the border of the county Holland and the diocese Utrecht. Today that is on the border of the provinces Utrecht and Noordholland. The castle Abcoude was first mentioned in 1274, when it was destroyed by Gijsbrecht van Amstel. It was rebuilt then , but today there is nothing left of it. Altough some say you can see its foundations somewhere in the green meadows around the village.

The area around the village is famous for its natural treasures. It is a swampy area with the rivers Angstel, Gein, Holendecht, Winkel, Waver and Vecht streaming through it. Along the Angstel the village of Abcoude can be found.

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